This Game-Changing Modular Laser Measure is every Architect’s Most Powerful Weapon

Now with 4 successful campaigns to boast of, the folks at HOZO Design are back with yet another advanced measuring device that replaces your entire architect toolkit. Whether it’s plotting distances, measuring floor plans, calculating curves, or even ensuring items/decor are leveled correctly, the M-Cube handles it all with ease. With its innovative modular design, the M-Cube isn’t your ordinary laser measure. The modular attachments give it an 8-direction joystick, a measuring roller, and a bi-laser attachment that lets you accurately, rapidly, and expansively capture your floor plans, whether it’s a tiny flat, a large condo, or a massive commercial space.

Designers: HOZO Design & Peter Liang

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It all starts with the M-Cube’s hub, which houses its powerful laser capable of working at 10fps and measuring distances of 50 meters (164 feet) in anywhere between 0.1 and 0.2 seconds, depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors. The laser is accompanied by a nifty 1.89-inch display that informs your entire measuring process, helping you capture distances, plot floor-plans, and even access past data. The hub itself has a 1000mAh battery, and on its own it outshines most conventional laser measures… but attach modules to it and suddenly you have an advanced tool capable of plotting accurate floor plans in mere minutes.

The M-Cube’s first module is the smart floor planner – an 8-directional joystick that allows you to set directions as you measure floor planners. Place your laser measure and measure the first linear distance, then move around the space in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, using the joystick to tell your laser which wall it’s measuring next. The joystick lets you easily and intuitively choose the direction of the wall, allowing you to even account for 45° angled walls, pillars, corners, and other elements of your floor plan. Working almost like a game where you guide your ‘cursor’, the smart floor planner’s joystick lets the M-Cube trace the floor plan out step by step, speeding your plotting process by nearly 3x while increasing your accuracy by 38% according to the folks at HOZO Design. To give you an idea of what that translates to in real-world applications, the M-Cube lets you plot a 968ft² condo in 4 minutes, or a sprawling 7997ft² commercial floor plan in 9 minutes. A cleverly located one-tap button lets you capture distances simply by placing your M-Cube against a surface, corner, or an edge, allowing you to seamlessly and effortlessly record measurements.

If you don’t want to go from wall to wall tapping against surfaces, the Bilateral laser module gives the M-Cube an extra laser facing in the opposite direction. Snap the module on, stand in the middle of a room, and point your M-Cube against both walls and it measures the distance between them. You don’t even need to hold your M-Cube at a precise 90° angle, because sensors within the device calculate your hand’s tilt and algorithms calculate the accurate distance by automatically calibrating the measurement for you. Just to be on the safer side, a spirit level on the module helps you figure out if you’re holding the laser measure straight. The module also helps you accurately mount decor like shelves, paintings, rods perfectly horizontally using a separate green-line laser. The M-Green Line, as HOZO Design calls it, works for both vertical and horizontal orientation, and is 4x brighter than their red laser, allowing for higher visibility.

The M-Cube’s final frontier is its Scale Roller, a precision roller that lets you accurately measure non-linear surfaces like arches, curves, and other organic details like winding staircases, etc. A laser marker helps you position the roller accurately, while the M-Cube’s handheld design allows you to easily roll along surfaces on-site as well as record linear distances on a printed plan. Simply roll from point A to B on the printed piece of paper and it records the distance, letting you scale it up to then later compare it to the actual built-out site.

While the 400-nit 1.89-inch screen is more than capable of letting you access the M-Cube’s core functions, its companion Meazor App (which works with all of HOZO Design’s products) lets you extract the most from your measurements. The app keeps a historical record of distances, conversions, and floor-plans available at the tap of a button, and you can even export them as DXF, PDF, JPG, and XLS files that you share with colleagues/clients or even work with directly in your CAD software.

The modular nature of the M-Cube makes it a space-saver and a game-changer. It allows the device to remain hyper-compact, while the snap-on modules expand the M-Cube’s abilities based on your needs. The main hub and the modules themselves are incredibly compact, making them easy to carry around with, while support for USB-C also lets you easily charge your M-Cube using any available smartphone charger or power bank. Additionally, the Smart Floor Planner joystick module has space for two AA batteries, giving your M-Cube a boost of extra power whenever needed!

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off). Hurry, only a few left!