This lightweight, foldable treehouse beckons you to discover your own secret hideaways

Today innovative tiny living alternatives – for solo and group travelers alike – are continually pushing the boundaries, and visionaries like Henry Wein are playing an effective role in the process.

After crafting the first draft of a portable treehouse (as a student project) that tows behind a bicycle and suspends from sturdy branches like a dreamy hammock, Wein is now reimagining the concept of solitary escapism with a modified version of his flagship adventure-entailed design.

Designer: Henry Wein

Case in point, Trunk Bunk: a slimmer and refined portable treehouse, reminiscent of a hammock, which elegantly hitches to a bicycle for transporting it between your locations of solitude. Displayed proudly at this year’s Dutch Design Week, the Trunk Bunk is a harmonious blend of engineering finesse and artistic brilliance of this Design Academy Eindhoven graduate.

The lightweight, foldable treehouse is a nomad’s dream! It is effortlessly towable to any desired location, while its strap and pulley system redefines ease in installation, allowing it to nestle one comfortably in various tree types.

The setup, as mentioned is effortless: Upon arrival at your chosen arboreal haven, the Trunk Bunk unfolds into a possible hideout. Throw a rope over a sturdy horizontal branch, use the pulley system to hoist the unfolded treehouse to a desired height, and secure it using a strap around the trunk. You now have a tent-like structure, adorned with waterproof fabric walls, supported on aluminum and plywood structure ready to embrace you mid-air.

More than a suspended hammock and limited in the comfort of a treehouse; Trunk Bunk shelters the occupant from the elements while offering a panoramic view through small, strategically placed windows. And when you’re done resting in mid-air, get off, flat pack your treehouse and ride along. Wein’s idea of a treehouse foresees a new way to commune with nature, where land and gas-guzzling vehicles do not restrict your conscious adventures. With the Trunk Bunk, you can ride your wheels, hoist yourself amid the treetops, and sway gently among the branches!