Innovative Document Folder transforms into an All-in-one Stand for your Laptop, Tablet, and Phone

Ever propped your iPad against a pile of books? Or placed your laptop on top of a stationery box to angle it for easier typing? The folks at PUNCUBE Gear have a rather nifty solution that hides in plain sight. The Puncube Workelf is, for all intents and purposes, a document folder for organizing and holding all your important paperwork… but its design allows it to also transform into a laptop stand, an iPad stand, a phone mount, and even a writing pad. While the paper folder has remained unchanged for nearly a hundred years, the Puncube Workelf gives it a subtle update that allows it to integrate well into our digital-first age, while still being a reliable document holder.

Designer: Sunny Cheung

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The Puncube Workelf is a clever reminder that tech won’t entirely replace stationery, but rather the two must coexist peacefully and symbiotically. It’s about as slim as your binder/folder that holds printouts and other documents, and comes with a unique flap-based design that lets it shapeshift into a multi-angle stand for not one, but all your portable devices. With 8 different ‘modes’ to choose from, the Puncube Workelf alternates between being a paper-holder to mounting your laptop, tablet, and smartphone, while also serving as a clipboard, display stand, book-holder, and a slanted stand for sketching/drawing either on paper or a tablet PC.

It all boils down to the Puncube Workelf’s rather clever design, which relies on its material structure, a fair bit of origami, and clever detailing to really create a modern utilitarian piece of stationery. When shut, the Puncube Workelf looks just like your regular A4 folder. It holds A4 documents inside it with the help of a metal clamp, and even fits right into your office shelf or folder-holder for easy access. It weighs a mere 290 grams, making it perfect to carry around under your arm or in your backpack.

Laptop Stand

iPad Stand

Slant Board

Phone Stand

Book Stand

Document Folder

When you need something a little more than paper-holder, the Puncube Workelf opens up into a world of possibilities. It transforms into an angled laptop holder that props your device up at a cool 30° angle, giving you an ergonomic elevation that raises the laptop screen to your eye level to reduce neck strain, as well as tilting the keyboard towards you so it’s easier to type. The laptop stand format also works for a drawing pad or for a tablet where you want to doodle/draw or write on, but if you’re looking for a more traditional tablet dock, the Workelf transforms into an easel for your iPad, holding it up at a cool 60°. Cutout fins in the Puncube Workelf pop out to hold your iPad up at a perfect viewing angle for video calls or for viewing content, and if you’ve got a smaller device like a smartphone, the Workelf has a smaller set of cutout fins for your phone too!

The Workelf’s shapeshifting design allows it to achieve as many as 5 different angles, including a fully vertical one. The three-paneled format of the folder lets it practically stand up vertically, allowing you to prop your documents up to read on cue. The same metal clasp that holds your papers also works as a ‘lip’ or holder for your laptop when the Workelf’s used in laptop stand mode.

White Board

The Puncube Workelf comes in a variety of 6 colors to choose from, and even has the option of adding a clip-on whiteboard accessory to it that you can use to jot down ideas or make temporary notes/schematics that you can then wipe down for a fresh start. The all-in-one folder and gadget stand starts at $39 for one unit, although it’s best bought in bundles with a 3-pack costing $59, allowing you to easily set up your entire workstation on it, with your laptop, tablet, and phone.

Click Here to Buy Now: 3 for $59 $117 (50% off). Hurry, only 87/150 left!